Tehuti Falls

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4 Reviews on “Tehuti Falls”

4 reviews
  • Matti

    Aren’t Humans a Part of this ecosystem? You are always going to get the odd dickheads whom I might add also make up a part of this ecosystem. However I like to think the majority of people especially kids just want to experience that unforgettable feeling of cooling off in some beautiful cool clean fresh water. I dare say places such as this won’t b around much longer but it won’t be people swimming there that destroys it.

  • Josh

    It’s not private property,no one owns the creek.
    I go fishing and swimming there all the time

    1. Lisa

      Josh, you need to walk over my family’s PRIVATE property to get to it. Enjoy your swims there for now. I am returning to my land very soon and you WILL be prosecuted for trespass if I find you there.

      1. Ma

        People had their wandering wildlife-chasing dogs & left rubbish, parked half on the road, theres beer bottles, disposable nappies, spoiled food, human excrement & broken pool toys in the bush🤮 health hazard, too popular with hoons & weirdoes.
        Looks nice in the photo🙂

  • Ma

    Must be some kind of slobs party spot.
    Disposable nappies, bottles, cans, plastic bags, old toilet paper piles, dogs running around, broken pool toys, yobbos shouting & swimming naked. Looks pretty in the photo, it was a muddy scramble to get there. Look out for leeches & ticks. Saw a brown tree snake.

  • Theo

    Really over rated. Rude locals, dirty spot, rubbish everywhere, snakes, spiders in the bush. Not recommended!!

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