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  • Ells

    This trek is a mighty mish that I probably would have come back from with a broken bone or two if my son wasn’t with us. There is a smaller, really full waterfall (8 or 9 metres drop maybe) into a lovely pool not far before the actual glenni falls 300 m big one in the photo that is absolutely splendid to swim in. I did this mish of a trip 3 years ago when I was 53. My son had to assist us down some of the rather sandy small house sized boulders onto narrow ledges, so its not for the faint hearted. There is also a quite treacherous bit of ledge crawling that you cannot stand on because the overhang above is too low – just before the previously mentioned waterfall. We didn’t make the journey over that smaller waterfall ledge to the base of the 300 m one as the water was gushing to fast and hard the day we went, but you are so close to the big one at that point that you get a pretty awesome close up of it. I wouldn’t do this again now – just 2 yrs extra of body strength and agility loss. 🙁

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