Warringa Pool, Springbrook National Park, NSW

Warringa Pool is a swimming hole in the Springbrook National Park. It is a 3km hike one way to the pool. The hike branches off the Purling Brook Falls Circuit track and follows the river downstream for 1km. Warringa Pool is a shaded rock pool with a natural rock spillway. It's a great secluded swimming hole well off the beaten track.



Springbrook National Park
Forestry Road, Springbrook, NSW


Head to the town of Springbrook in NSW.

  • Turn onto Forestry Road.
  • You will pass the General Store.
  • Park at the end of Forestry Road.
  • Find the Purling Brook Falls Circuit (you can hike it in either direction as it is a similar distance.)
  • At the bottom of the falls take the Warringa Pool Track.