Wannon Falls, Wannon, VIC

Wannon Falls is a scenic waterfall with a large cave behind the falls. There is a large swimming hole at the base of the falls however access is a little tricky. There are no signs banning access so we will assume it is at your own risk. You will need to jump the fence to the left of the lookout and follow a old set of stairs down the cliff face. For an easier swimming location, there are some large pools along the river at the top of the falls.



Wannon Falls Road, Wannon, VIC


From Hamilton.

  • Head north west out of town along the Glenelg Highway for 18.3km
  • Turn left onto Camerons Road 400m
  • Turn right onto Wannon Falls Road 100m
  • Park and walk down a short path to the falls.
  • Access to the swimming holes is upstream to the right of the lookout.