Victoria Falls, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

Victoria Falls is in the Blue Mountains National Park. There is a swimming hole at the bottom of the falls and some cascades at the top of the falls. The hike to the falls takes you down a steep track into a canyon. It is 2km one way to the base of the falls. It's a unique waterfall with a big overhang that makes a little bit of a cave. The cascades at the top of the falls are worth a look too. You'll find some shallow pools shaded under the forest canopy.



Blue Mountains National Park
Victoria Falls Road, Mount Victoria, NSW


From Mount Victoria.

  • Turn onto Victoria Falls Road from the Great Western Highway.
  • Follow Victoria Falls Road for 5.2km to the end.
  • Park and walk the Victoria Falls Trail to the bottom for 2km.
  • You will come to a split in the track.
  • Go right to swim at the cascades.
  • Go left and follow the trail a little further to swim in the water hole at the base of the falls.