The Lips Swimming Hole, Beechmont, QLD

The Lips Swimming Hole is the waterhole along Back Creek in the Denham Scenic Reserve near Beechmont. It's a 1.1km walk one way to get to the waterhole. The first 800 meters of the track is reasonably flat but the last 300 meters is very steep. It's a nice deep swimming hole and the water is very cool.

Note: The Lips Swimming Hole has been closed to public access and you're not supposed to go past the fence that has been built along the track. There is still public access to Denham Falls lookout.



Doncaster Drive, Beechmont, QLD


From Beechmont.

  • Head west along Beechmont Road for 2.6km.
  • Turn right onto Windabout Road.
  • Go straight ahead onto Flemington Road.
  • Turn right onto Doncaster Drive.
  • After a 100m park and look for the walking trail on your left.
  • Walk 1.1km down the path to The Lips Swimming Hole.