Spa Pool, Cardwell, QLD

Spa Pool is an amazing aqua blue coloured swimming hole near the town of Cardwell. The water gets its blue colour from minerals in the ground. It is perfectly safe to swim in the pool. One of the rock pools has been made into the shape of a spa hence the name Spa Pool. The water flows into the spa creating air bubbles just like a spa.

Spa Pool is located along a creek surrounded by pine forestry operations. The waterhole is partially shaded by trees. The creek can sometimes dry up during dry season if there hasn't been any significant rain. There are picnic tables but no other facilities at Spa Pool.


Location of Spa Pool

Forest Drive, Cardwell, QLD

Directions to Spa Pool

How to get to Spa Pool from Cardwell:

  • Take Brasenose Street from the center of town and follow it in a south westerly direction.
  • Keep heading straight onto Forest Drive.
  • About 5km from the Brasenose Street turnoff you will see a small carpark on your left.
  • Park here, walk into the trees and you will find Spa Pool.