Paradise Pool, Paluma Range National Park, QLD

Paradise Pool is located in the Paluma Range National Park along Crystal Creek. It is a magical looking waterhole with perfectly clear water. Make sure to bring your goggles so you can gaze at all the fish and aquatic life that inhabit the pool.


Location of Paradise Pool

Spegelhauer Road, Paluma Range National Park, QLD

Directions to Paradise Pool

Paradise Pool is located 6km off the highway from the town of Mutarnee. Matarnee is located on the main highway between Townsville and Cardwell.

Directions to Paradise Pool from Matarnee:

  • Head south along Barrett Road for 1.5km
  • Turn right onto Spegelhauer Road 4.5km
  • Turn right into the parking area.
  • Park and walk along the path to the swimming hole.