Marom Creek Falls, Rous, NSW

Marom Creek Falls is a waterfall and large swimming hole located on private land near Dalwood. There are no private property signs and the path to the falls is well used.

You will see a dirt pull off area on the side of the road under some trees. Park here, climb through the fence and follow the track down to the falls. To get to the bottom of the pool head left and climb down the rock face. For access without climbing, keep following the path down to Marom Creek.



Dalwood Road, Rous, NSW


From Alstonville

  • Head south along Wardell Road.
  • Turn right onto Ellis Road.
  • Follow Ellis Road all the way untill it meets Dalwood Road.
  • Take a left turn and then right turn straight away onto Dalwood Road.
  • At the first corner you will see a pull off area to the left and a fence with a track leading through it.
  • Park here and follow the path for 500m to the top of the falls.