Handrail Pool, Karijini National Park, WA

Handrail Pool is a swimming hole in a canyon bounded by steep walls on all sides. It is located along Weano Gorge in Karijini National Park. There is a metal handrail bolted into the rock wall to help with access to the pool, hence the name. You basically have to climb down into Handrail Pool using the handrail for support. This swimming hole in located in one of the most magnificent places you will ever find in Australia.



Weano Road, Karijini National Park, WA


From Karijini Visitor Center.

  • Head south along Karajini NP Visitor Centre Access. 300m
  • Turn left onto Banjima Drive. 1200m
  • Turn right to stay on Banjima Drive. 9km
  • Turn right onto Karijini Drive. 39km
  • Turn right onto Weano Road. 38km
  • Park at the Weano Day Use Area.
  • Take the walking track directly east of the carpark.
  • Hike down Weano Gorge to the Handrail Pool. 600m

Note: If you don't mind a bumpy dirt road, you can head west from the visitor centre along Banjima Road to cut a significant amount of distance off the drive. It is 2WD friendly but you'll have to go slow depending on how recently it has been since it was last graded.