Gleniffer Falls, Dorrigo National Park, NSW

Gleniffer Falls is a huge waterfall coming out the side of a mountain in the Dorrigo National Park. It is quite a spectacular sight. The hike to Glennifer Falls is very difficult indeed. There is no trail or path, you simply hike upstream along the Never Never Creek zigzagging your way from one side of the creek to another. Don't even think about keeping your feet dry on this hike. Pack a dry sack and wear clothes and shoes that you are willing to submerge.

About halfway up to the falls you will come across the Glennifer Falls Gorge. It is much easier to swim the gorge than to go around it. After the gorge the going gets steep. You will be climbing up waterfalls and trying to navigate around huge boulders.



Promised Land Road, Promised Land, NSW


How to get to Gleniffer Falls.

  • You can start the Gleniffer Falls hike from a few locations.
  • Longest Distance: Arthur Keough Park: -30.36784, 152.89916
  • Medium Distance: Promised Land Road near a bridge: -30.36078, 152.90469
  • Shortest Distance: Howards Road, Tuckers Nob State Forest : -30.3554, 152.9116 (4WD Recommended)

  • From your starting location, hike upstream along the Never Never Creek. It is fairly flat to begin with but you have to zigzag back and forth across the creek.
  • Eventually you will come to a gorge (shown in the second photo above). Swim across the gorge. There is an underwater ledge to the right of the gorge where you can climb out once you get to the other side.
  • After the gorge there is a small waterfall you will have to navigate around. If you go left into the forest there are a few tracks made by people. If you go right you have to scale a slippery rock face which is a little nerve racking.
  • After the small waterfall the hike gets tough. You have to climb up big boulders or navigate your way around them.
  • You will eventually get a view of the falls in the distance (as shown in the first photo).
  • You can go all the way to the bottom of the falls and even swim in the plunge pool. It's not a huge swimming hole and you'll probably already be wet by the time you get here.
  • Hiking back is simply the reverse but a lot quicker. You can jump off one of falls on the way back if you want to (make sure you can see the bottom clearly).