Glenelg River, Dartmoor, VIC

There is a designated swimming hole at the intersection of the Glenelg River and Crawford River in the town of Dartmoor. It has a small jetty and a shallow section for kids with a wooden barrier. You can swim anywhere along the Glenelg River. It winds it's way from Dartmoor 76km to the mouth at Nelson. There are many access points with campsites and wooden jetty's. The river is a popular kayaking location.

While you're in the area, be sure to check out the Dartmoor Spring on the highway. The road builders cut into a spring and now it pours fresh drinkable water out constantly. You can't swim in the spring but you can fill up your water bottles!



Greenham Street, Dartmoor, VIC


From Dartmoor.

  • Head down Greenham Street to the end.
  • Park and walk to the bend in the river and you will see the swimming hole.