Eli Creek, Fraser Island, QLD

Eli Creek is one of the best swimming holes on Fraser Island. A freshwater stream with a sandy bottom pours out of the forest here, and into the sea. This location is as touristy as they come. There are backpacker tours galore and people tubing down the creek. You can walk a short boardwalk up the creek and then float back down towards the ocean. It's quite a relaxing experience.



Eli Creek, Fraser Island, Great Sandy National Park
75 Mile Beach Road, Happy Valley, QLD


From Happy Valley, Fraser Island.

  • Head north along the beach (75 mile Beach Road) for 5km.
  • There is a sandy creek crossing (where Eli Creek meets the ocean) which is best done at low tide.
  • If it is high tide you can simply park and walk across to the swimming hole and have a swim while you wait for the tide to go out.