Dalwood Falls, Alstonville, NSW

Dalwood Falls is a swimming hole on private land, however it is such a beautiful waterhole that no person can physically resist swimming here. The no entry signs are for legal reasons as a lot of people have been hurt and even died jumping off the falls. Take care and respect the property owners.

The falls are on Gum Creek just downstream from a small weir. You will see some big concrete bollards by the road indicating the path to the falls. Follow the track a few hundred meters and you will come to the top of the falls. To get to the bottom keep following the path and it takes you down to the waterhole.



Dalwood Road, Alstonville, NSW


From Alstonville.

  • Head south along Wardell Road.
  • Turn right onto Dalwood Road.
  • You will come across a small parking area on the left with a private property sign and concrete slabs blocking the entrance.
  • Walk down the track roughly 250m to the falls.