Dalhousie Springs, Witjira National Park, SA

Dalhousie Springs is a hot spring oasis in outback South Australia near the Simpson Desert. The water temperature in the swimming hole ranges from 38-43°C. If you like driving a long distance on very bad roads, then this is just the place for you. I blew two tyres getting here. It was worth it though just to see water in the desert. The springs are fed from an artesian basin which travels a very long way underground over thousands of years. You can supposedly drink the water, although you may change your mind when you see the amount of sweaty travellers bathing in the pools...

Note: If you come in from the south a 4WD is required. You're supposed to get a desert access pass to visit the springs before you visit.


Location of Dalhousie Springs

Dalhousie Springs Visitor's Access Road, Dalhousie, SA

Directions to Dalhousie Springs

From Mt Dare station.

  • Head south along Mount Dare Road 11km
  • Turn left onto unnamed road 58km
  • Slight left onto Dalhousie Springs Day Visitor's access Road 100m
  • Park and walk along the track 200m north to the hot springs.