Crystal Cascades, Redlynch, QLD

Crystal Cascades is a great place to swim if you are in Cairns. As the name suggests the water is crystal clear. It is located along Freshwater Creek in the suburb of Redlynch near Cairns. The walking trail snakes its way along the creek for over a kilometer and provides access to the swimming holes.The pools are shaded by thick rainforest. There is also a chilling 12 meter cliff jump where you have to jump out to clear the cliff face.



Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch, QLD


Drive to Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch

  • Follow Redlynch Intake Road in a south westerly direction.
  • When you get to the end you will come to a carpark.
  • Park here and walk up the footpath/service road.
  • You will find a number of swimming holes and waterfalls along the way.