Condong Falls, Night Cap National Park, NSW

There is a small swimming hole at the top of Condong Falls in the Nightcap National Park. Follow the creek upstream from the falls about 200m and you will find a small swimming hole with water depth about shoulder height.



Nightcap National Park
Quondong Firetrail, Whian Whian, NSW


Drive to Minyon Falls.

  • Walk the Minyon Falls loop walk in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • You will find another path leading off to your right. It should be signposted Quondong Falls Track.
  • Proceed along the Quondong Falls track.
  • The track meets the Quondong Firetrail.
  • Take a left and follow the fire trail until it crosses a small stream. This is Condong Falls.
  • Head upstream from the falls about 200meters to find the swimming hole.

(It's confusing with the similar names. I think they're meant to be the same name possibly, however this is how it is named on the map.)