Coachwood Falls, Never Never, NSW

Coachwood Falls has a nice swimming hole at the bottom of the falls. It is crystal clear and deep enough to swim in. The falls are located deep in the rain forest along the Rosewood River. There are also a few pools upstream of the falls. This swimming hole is not far from Red Cedar Falls.



Dome Road, Never Never, NSW


From Dorrigo.

  • Head east along Waterfall Way for 1km.
  • Turn left onto Dome Road and follow it for 11km to the end.
  • Park and walk the Rosewood Creek Circuit Track in an anti-clockwise direction for 2.6km.
  • (Note: There is a shortcut track about 600m along the Rosewood Creek Track. Turn left here and you will cut about 1km off the hike.)
  • When you get to the falls there is a small slippery track leading to the swimming hole at the base of the falls.