Bexhill Quarry, Bexhill, NSW

Bexhill Quarry is a bright blue copper sulfate swimming hole in the center of the town of Bexhill. It is located at the site of the old Bexhill Brick Works which closed down in 2002. The water is quite acidic but it has improved over the years as runoff from rain has diluted some of the heavy metals in the water. It’s hard to resit the temptation of the cool blue looking water on a hot day...

Note: This swimming hole is on private property and swimming here is at your own risk. We do not encourage anyone to swim here!

For more details on water quality of the Bexhill Quarry swimming hole see this local newspaper article: http://www.northernstar.com.au/news/peril-in-clear-clear-waters/452826/


Location of Bexhill Quarry Swimming Hole

Bangalow Road, Bexhill, New South Wales

Directions to Bexhill Quarry Swimming Hole

The best way to the get to Bexhill Quarry swimming holes is to park on Bangalow Road just south of Corndale Road in the town of Bexhill.

  • Go to the town of Bexhill, NSW
  • Look for a Bus Stop on Bangalow Road (the main road through Bexhill)
  • Park in the parking area next to the Bus Stop
  • Look for an overgrown entrance and a track
  • Follow the track up to the Bexhill Quarry